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Directorate-General for Competition

Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect)

(•help Europe’s culture, creative and audio-visual sectors to thrive. We support freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom and pluralism of the mediaも込み)

Press Recognition Panel – Royal Charter (ROYAL CHARTER ON SELF-REGULATION OF THE PRESS)

IPSO rulings




2016-12 New York Southern District Court

Meyer v. Kalanick, Case No. 1:15-cv-09796

Uber’s antitrust case


2016-12-28 総務省  


2016-12-20 EC  

Mergers: Commission alleges Facebook provided misleading information about WhatsApp takeover

2016-12-19 JFTC  


2016-12-15 DCMS

New BBC Charter and framework agreement published

2016-12-15 Ofcom

Preparing for Ofcom’s new responsibilities for regulating the BBC

Assessing the impact of proposed changes to the BBC’s public service activities

Broadcasting Code Review

Distribution of BBC public services

The BBC’s commercial activities

2016-12-14 JFTC  


2016-12-12 Sky News    

Government to be 'fair and impartial' on Sky takeover bid

2016-12-08 Ofcom

Ofcom sets out preparations for regulating the BBC

2016-12-06 EC  

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, subject to conditions




2016-11-23 CMA  

CMA responses to consultations on the Digital Single Market

2016-11-15 CMA  

Speech: Michael Grenfell on antitrust in the digital age

2016-11-07 CMA  

CMA warns online sellers about price-fixing

2016-11-03 High Court  

R (Miller) -v- Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – Brexit


2016-11-01 FTC/DOJ  

FTC and DOJ Seek Public Comment on Proposed Revisions to International Antitrust Guidelines

2016-11-01 DCMS  

Government seeks views on press regulation issues




2016-10 FTC  

Volkswagen Settlement


2016-10-28 Agcm  

Transfer personal data to Facebook and unfair contract terms, double antitrust investigation of WhatsApp

2016-10-21 JFTC  


2016-10-07 総務省  

「スマートフォンの端末購入補助の適正化に関するガイドライン」に沿った 端末購入補助の適正化に係る携帯電話事業者への行政指導・報告徴求

2016-10-07 EC  

Consultation on Evaluation of procedural and jurisdictional aspects of EU merger control

A debate has recently emerged on the effectiveness of these purely turnover-based jurisdictional thresholds, specifically on whether they allow to capture all transactions which can potentially have an impact in the internal market. This may be particularly significant in certain sectors, such as the digital and pharmaceutical industries, where the acquired company, while having generated little turnover as yet, may play a competitive role, hold commercially valuable data, or have a considerable market potential for other reasons.




2016-09-29 EC  

Big Data and Competition

Speech by Margrethe Vestager

EDPS-BEUC Conference on Big Data, Brussels, 29 September 2016

2016-09-28 EC  

Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed Deutsche Börse/LSE merger

2016-09-27 総務省  


2016-09-23 EDPS  

Statement: The coherent enforcement of fundamental rights in the age of Big Data

2016-09-15 METI  


2016-09-15 EC  

Antitrust: Commission publishes initial findings of e-commerce sector inquiry

2016-09-14 JFTC  


2016-09-09 総務省  


2016-09-07 総務省  





2016-08-30 EC

State aid: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to €13 billion

2016-08-25 JFTC  


2016-08-05 EC

State aid: Commission finds Spain's support for private TV broadcasters in breach of EU rules

2016-08-02 JFTC  





2016-07-15 総務省  


2016-07-14 EC

Statement by Commissioner Vestager on further steps in antitrust investigations alleging Google's comparison shopping and advertising-related practices breach EU rules

2016-07-13 JFTC  


2016-07-13 CMA

Monitoring project launched in online hotel booking sector

Hotels across the UK have been sent a questionnaire by the CMA, which is monitoring how changes to room pricing terms are affecting the market.

2016-07-13 JFTC


2016-07-12 FTC

Statement of FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez Following the European Commission’s Approval of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

2016-07-12 Autorité de la concurrence

Hotel booking platforms

The Autorité de la concurrence launches, in collaboration with 9 national competition authorities and the European Commission, a survey among hoteliers in order to assess the effects of the remedies implemented in Europe in the hotel booking platforms sector.

2016-07-12 CMA

CMA responses to consultations on the Digital Single Market

2016-07-08 CMA

CMA accepts media contact databases merger remedy

2016-07-07 ICO

GDPR still relevant for the UK

2016-07-04 EC

State aid: Commission clears support measures for certain football clubs in the Netherlands

State aid: Commission decides Spanish professional football clubs have to pay back incompatible aid

2016-07-04 UK Government

The Communications (Television Licensing) (Amendment) Regulations 2016


2016-07-01 ICO

Referendum result response




2016-06-30 JFTC



2016-06-30 総務省  


2016-06-30 EC  

Antitrust: Commission opens formal investigation into AB InBev's practices on Belgian beer market

2016-06-28 FTC  

Volkswagen to Spend up to $14.7 Billion to Settle Allegations of Cheating Emissions Tests and Deceiving Customers on 2.0 Liter Diesel Vehicles

2016-06-24 Number 10

EU referendum outcome: PM statement, 24 June 2016

2016-06-24 CMA

CMA publishes final energy market reforms

2016-06-22 CJ

Case C267/15 Gemeente Woerden v Staatsecretaris van Financiën,


(Reference for a preliminary ruling — Value added tax — Input tax — Deduction)

CJEU rules on input VAT deduction for constructing a building only partly used for economic activities after having been sold

2016-06-20 CAT


2016-06-20 総務省  

AIネットワーク化検討会議 報告書2016 の公表

2016-06-16 CJ  

Opinion of the Advocate General in the case C-174/15

Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken

In the view of Advocate General Szpunar, the lending of electronic books is comparable to the lending of traditional books

2016-06-15 JFTC


2016-06-09 BkartA

Bundeskartellamt publishes working paper on "Market Power of Platforms and Networks"

2016-06-08 FTC

Reactions to the FCC’s Proposed Privacy Regulations

2016-06-03 EC

The EU State aid rules: working together for fair competition

Speech by Margrethe Vestager

High Level Forum on State Aid Modernisation, Brussels, 3 June 2016

2016-06-03 EC

State aid: Commission clears Belgian postal service compensation for bpost 2016 to 2020




2016-05-27 FTC 

FTC Staff Provides Comment on FCC’s Proposed Privacy Rulemaking

2016-05-27 JFTC 


2016-05-23 Autorité de la concurrence 

The Autorité de la concurrence begins, at its own initiative, gathering information in order to assess data processing in the on-line advertising sector

2016-05-20 JFTC / 総務省 



2016-05-16 CMA 

CMA report shows benefits of BAA break-up

2016-05-13 EC 

Competition is a consumer issue

Speech by Margrethe Vestager

BEUC General Assembly, 13 May 2016

2016-05-12 DCMS 

A BBC for the future: a broadcaster of distinction

cf. Research to explore public views about the BBC

2016-05-11 EC 

Mergers: Commission prohibits Hutchison's proposed acquisition of Telefónica UK

2016-05-10 FCC 

Commission Approves Charter, TWC and Bright House Merger

2016-05-10 Autorité de la concurrence and BkartA 

The French Autorité de la concurrence and the German Bundeskartellamt publish joint paper on data and its implications for Competition Law - Report Competition Law and Data

2016-05-03 CMA 

New guide to obtaining redress for competition law breaches

2016-05 EC 

Competition policy brief - International enforcement cooperation in mergers: main principles and recent experiences




2016-04-28 総務省

「スマートフォン プライバシー アウトルックIII」の公表

2016-04-26 総務省


2016-04-20 EC

Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android operating system and applications

2016-04-11 CMA

Proposed Hutchison/Telefonica merger: CMA letter to European Commission

2016-04-06 DOJ

United Airlines Abandons Attempt to Enhance its Monopoly at Newark Liberty International Airport




2016-03-31 JFTC


2016-03-30 US District Court, Southern District of New York

Meyer v Kalanick (Uber’s CEO)

Opinion and Order

2016-03-30 CMA

Vertical restraints: roundtable discussion and business survey

2016-03-30 総務省


2016-03-29 総務省


2016-03-18 EC

Antitrust: e-commerce sector inquiry finds geo-blocking is widespread throughout EU

2016-03-17 EC

Justice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit to Stop L.A. Times Publisher from Acquiring Competing Newspapers

Acquisition Would Monopolize Newspapers in Orange and Riverside Counties in California

2016-03-16 FTC

FTC Chairwoman Ramirez Statement on the Children’s Confection Advertising Initiative

2016-03-16 FTC

FTC Amicus Brief Urges Appeals Court to Correct Legal Errors in District Court’s Antitrust Analysis of Reverse-Payment Agreement

2016-03-15 総務省


2016-03-11 BBC Trust

Trust approves BBC's guidelines for coverage of May 2016 elections

2016-03-10 FTC

FTC Staff: Proposed Health Care Legislation in West Virginia Would Likely Be Anticompetitive and Harm Consumers

2016-03-10 CJ

Judgments in Cases C-247/14 P HeidelbergCement v Commission, C-248/14 P Schwenk Zement v Commission, C-267/14 P Buzzi Unicem v Commission and C-268/14 P Italmobiliare v Commission

Press release

The Court of Justice annuls the Commission decisions relating to requests for information directed at cement manufacturers - The statement of reasons for the Commission decisions are inadequate

2016-03-10 EC

Refining the EU merger control system

Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht, Brussels, 10 March 2016


2016-03-10 BBC Trust

Trust publishes allocation criteria for Referendum Campaign Broadcasts on the BBC

2016-03-07 FCC

FCC Settles Verizon "Supercookie" Probe

2016-03-07 DOJ

Supreme Court Rejects Apple's Request to Review E-Books Antitrust Conspiracy Findings

2016-03-07 EC

State aid: Commission invites comments on draft provisions to simplify implementation of unproblematic state support for ports and airports

2016-03-07 JFTC


2016-03-02 BKartA

Bundeskartellamt initiates proceeding against Facebook on suspicion of having abused its market power by infringing data protection rules


Euronews video and article with Giovanni Buttarelli on Apple-FBI case at Delphi Economic Forum

2016-03-01 BBC Trust

BBC Trust response to outcome of the Government's BBC Charter Review Public Consultation

2016-03-01 DCMS

Independent review recommends overhaul of how the BBC is governed

Announcement from the independent Clementi Review into how the BBC is governed and regulated

BBC Trust

BBC Trust statement following the publication of Sir David Clementi's review into the governance and regulation of the BBC




2016-02-29 総務省



2016-02-27 EDPS

Keynote address by Giovanni Buttarelli to the Delphi Economic Forum: Living in a future Big Data world: can prosperity, freedom and fundamental rights be reconciled?

2016-02-25 Ofcom

Making digital communications work for everyone

BT must open up network, so competitors can connect fibre to homes and offices / Reform of Openreach to better serve UK consumers and businesses / Better quality of service for all customers, including automatic compensation

2016-02-18 BBC Trust

Trust publishes guidelines for the BBC’s coverage of the Referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union

2016-02-10 JFTC/METI


2016-02-05 CMA

CMA welcomes NAO report

The CMA has today welcomed the National Audit Office (NAO) report on ‘The UK Competition Regime.’

2016-02-05 総務省


2016-02-04 JFTC


2016-02-03 DOJ

BBA Aviation to Divest Facilities at Six Airports in Landmark Aviation Acquisition

2016-02-02 FTC

Statement of FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez on the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement

2016-02-02 EC  

EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield

2016-02-02 総務省



2016-02-01 EC

Setting priorities in antitrust




2016-01-29 総務省


2016-01-27 FCC

FCC Proposal to Unlock the Set-Top Box                                                                    

2016-01-27 JFTC


2016-01-21 EC

State aid: Commission adopts three decisions requiring taxation of ports in the Netherlands, Belgium and France

2016-01-21 EC

Statement by Commissioner Vestager on EU state aid rules in the steel sector and Commission state aid decisions concerning Duferco in Belgium and Ilva in Italy

2016-01-20 CJ

Judgment in Case C-428/14 DHL Express (Italy) S.r.l. and Others v Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato and Others

Press release

In the field of competition law, the leniency programmes of the EU and of the Member States coexist autonomously;

Those programmes reflect the system of parallel competences of the Commission and of the national competition authorities

2016-01-19 BBC Trust

Protecting BBC independence: Trust calls for proper process for setting BBC funding to be written into the Charter

Protecting the BBC's independence;

Better protecting BBC financial independence: an exploratory report for the BBC Trust – Policy Institute at King’s College London

Charter Review price setting models: A rail and road comparison study – Dr Xeni Dassiou

Price setting in regulated utilities and the potential application to the BBC – Professor Dieter Helm

2016-01-18 EC

Competition in a big data world

Benefits of data / Privacy / Data as an asset

2016-01-15 総務省


2016-01-11 DOJ           

Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Support Reform of South Carolina Laws that Curb Competition, Limit Consumer Choice and Stifle Innovation for Health Care Services

2016-01-11 EC

Belgian "Excess Profit" tax scheme - Statement by Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

State aid: Commission concludes Belgian "Excess Profit" tax scheme illegal; around €700 million to be recovered from 35 multinational companies

2016-01-08 FTC

FTC Approves Final Order In Craig Brittain ‘Revenge Porn’ Case


from the the past

2015-10-21 CJ

New Media Online (Judgment) [2015] EUECJ C-347/14

 (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Directive 2010/13/EU — Concepts of ‘programme’ and ‘audiovisual media service’ — Determination of the principal purpose of an audiovisual media service — Comparability of the service to television broadcasting — Inclusion of short videos in a section of a newspaper’s website available on the Internet)

cf. Entscheidung des Verwaltungsgerichtshofs (Geschäftszahl 2015/03/0004) vom 16. Dezember 2015 / Decision of Administrative Court (Case 2015/03/0004) of 16 December 2015

from IRIS

2015-10-14 FTC

FTC Staff Guidance on Active Supervision of State Regulatory Boards Controlled by Market Participants

2015-10-14 Ofcom

Ofcom brings regulation of ‘video-on-demand’ in-house

The regulation of ‘video-on-demand’ programme services is being brought fully within Ofcom to sit alongside its regulation of broadcast content.

2015-08-13 FTC   

FTC Issues Statement of Principles Regarding Enforcement of FTC Act as a Competition Statute

2015-07-06 EC  

Public consultation on Directive 2010/13/EU on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD) - A media framework for the 21st century

what roles and responsibilities should market players (like TV broadcasters, on-demand service providers, internet services, telecom operators, etc.) have?’等。

2015-05-06 EC

A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission sets out 16 initiatives to make it happen

2015-04-28 最高裁 

平成26(行ヒ)75 審決取消等請求事件 平成27428 第三小法廷判決


白石先生の競争法メモ 「他の事業者の事業活動を排除」の全体像、正常競争手段逸脱人為性は排除効果とは別の問題と位置付け

2015-04-15 EC

Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on comparison shopping service

Antitrust: Commission opens formal investigation against Google in relation to Android mobile operating system

2015-03-03 EC (Competition Merger Brief)

The Facebook/WhatsApp, Liberty Global/Ziggo, Huntsmann/Rockwood and Holcim/Lafarge cases

2014-12-26 総務省                   


2014-12-25 CPRC                   


2014-12-24 総務省                   


2014-12-19 高度情報通信ネットワーク社会推進戦略本部(IT総合戦略本部)                    

パーソナルデータに関する検討会 個人情報の保護に関する法律の一部を改正する法律案(仮称)の骨子(案)

2014-12-18 FCC                 

Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking: Commission Adopts MVPD Definition NPRM

- News Release

2014-12-19 Ofcom                   

Consultation on pay TV regulation

Ofcom has today published a consultation as part of its review of the pay TV ‘wholesale must-offer’ remedy.

2014-12-19 JFTC                 


2014-12-19 CPRC                   


2014-12-19 総務省                  


2014-12-15 Ofcom                   

Ofcom publishes consultation on public service broadcasting

Ofcom has today published a consultation on its third review of public service broadcasting

2014-12-11 CPRC                   


2014-11-21 総務省



2014-11-10 White House                   

Net Neutrality: President Obama's Plan for a Free and Open Internet

2014-11-10 EC                 

Antitrust: Commission welcomes Council adoption of Directive on antitrust damages actions 

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 10 November 2014 The European Commission welcomes today's formal adoption by the EU Council of Ministers of a Commission proposal for a Directive on antitrust damages actions.

2014-10-31 EC                

Competition Policy Brief on State aid modernisation

2014-10-31 大阪高裁                 

神鉄タクシー大阪高判 - 競争法メモ

2014-10-03 EC                

Merger cases:

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook  

consumer communicationsでは併用可能であること(not close competitor, have a wide choice of alternative apps)、social networking servicesでは進化途上であること、online advertisingでは参入前のWhatsApp広告の検討のうえ、他に選択肢があることを判断。加えて、データ集積の効果、プライバシー問題も検討(前者はonline advertisingで影響なし、後者は競争法枠外を判断)

Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Zimmer's acquisition of Biomet

Mergers: Commission approves merger between banana companies Chiquita and Fyffes, subject to conditions  

2014-08-06 DCMS                 

Media Ownership & Plurality Consultation Report

Government response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications Report into Media Plurality

Online should be included; type of content is news and current affairs; all parts of news value chain should be included; BBC should also be assessed; locality should be included

2014-06-02 EDPS  

Report of workshop on Privacy, Consumers, Competition and Big Data, 2 June 2014

EDPS – Big data

2014-03-26 EC/EDPS  

Privacy and competitiveness in the age of big data

”The interplay between data protection, competition law and consumer protection in the Digital Economy”

2014-02-25 総務省     



2014-01-01 BBC

Defamation Act 2013 aims to improve libel laws

Defamation Act 2013 c.26

2013-12-12 CJ AG           

Advocate General’s Opinion in Joined Cases C-293/12 Digital Rights Ireland and C-594/12 Seitlinger and Others

Press release

According to the Advocate General, Mr Cruz Villalón, the Data Retention Directive is incompatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights; He proposes, however, that the effects of the finding of invalidity should be suspended in order to enable the EU legislature to adopt, within a reasonable period, the measures necessary to remedy the invalidity found to exist

2013-12-09 JFTC           



2013-11-22 EC    

European competition policy and Japan

Alexander Italianer, Director-General for Competition, European Commission

KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) Tokyo, 22 November 2013

FTA中のstate aid ruleにも言及あり。

2013-10-30 DCMS       

Leveson Report: Cross Party Royal Charter

FAQs – from BBC

2013-10-11 DCMS   

Leveson Report: Final draft Royal Charter for proposed body to recognise press industry self-regulator

This final draft of the Royal Charter has followed further discussions by all 3 main political parties.

2013-05 総務省    



2013-04-25 EC      

Commission seeks feedback on commitments offered by Google to address competition concerns


2013-04-23 DCMS       

Leveson: new proposals to ensure small blogs are exempt from exemplary damages and costs incentives for membership of a press regulator

2013-03-18 DCMS   

Policy paper

Leveson report: draft Royal Charter for proposed body to recognise press industry self-regulator

2013-02-21 European Parliament  

Media freedom: MEPs call for annual EU monitoring of member states’ media laws

3 step approach関連

2013-02-19 US Supreme Court        



No. 11–1160.

state action doctrineが認められるか否か(Parker v Brownからは始まって、Ticor…)

2013-02-19 EC        

State aid: Commission publishes updated Guide on services of general economic interest (SGEI)

"Monti-Kroes-Package"、“Almunia package”の「次」

2013-02-14 UK Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Tamiz v Google Inc [2013] EWCA Civ 68


名誉毀損事案におけるプラットフォーマーの”publisher”性。(The High Court had previously ruled that Google was not a publisher of the material. However, the Court of Appeal said that the High Court was wrong to dismiss the possibility that Google had assumed the role of publisher at some point after it had received notice of the allegedly defamatory comments.

2013-02-12 DCMS       

Lord Justice Leveson Report – regulatory system for the press

A draft that illustrates how a Royal Charter alternative might work

2012-02-06 CMPF/EC      

Policy Report: European Union Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

2013-01-21 EC  

High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism



European and national competition authorities should take into account the specific value of media pluralism in the enforcement of competition rules. They should also take into account the increasing merging of different channels of communication and media access in the definition of the relevant markets. In addition, the High Level Group calls upon the European and national competition authorities to monitor with particular attention, under competition policy, new developments in the online access to information. The dominant position held by some network access providers or internet information providers should not be allowed to restrict media freedom and pluralism. An open and non-discriminatory access to information by all citizens must be protected in the online sphere, if necessary by making use of competition law and/or enforcing a principle of network and net neutrality.


Concentration of ownership needs to be considered not only with respect to specific media sources (such as press), but across different media and in relation to distribution channels, whether for traditional media (for example, newspaper kiosks) or for new media (for example, broadband connectivity).

Digital intermediaries, such as search engines, news aggregators, social networks and app stores should be included in the monitoring of the sector. The increasingly important role they play in either improving or restricting media pluralism should be considered, especially as they start producing content. However, care must be taken to distinguish between media that publish original work directly, and services that allow users to republish or link to other peoples’ work.

2013-01-03 FTC 

Google Agrees to Change Its Business Practices to Resolve FTC Competition Concerns In the Markets for Devices Like Smart Phones, Games and Tablets, and in Online Search

Landmark Agreements Will Give Competitors Access to Standard-Essential Patents; Advertisers Will Get More Flexibility to Use Rival Search Engines

2012-05-23 EC                                    

ECN resolution on protection of leniency material in the context of civil damages actions

Pfleiderer事件を受け、leniency materialsの保護を再確認

2012-04-18 Ofcom                         

Ofcom evidence to the Leveson Inquiry

Evidence Ofcom submitted to the Leveson Inquiry on the future of press regulation, as requested by Lord Justice Leveson

2012-04-04 CoE                    

Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)3 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the protection of human rights with regard to search engines

Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the protection of human rights with regard to social networking services

検索エンジン及びSNSと欧州人権条約(前者は、Recommendation CM/Rec(2011)7 “a new notion of media”も参照)

2012-03-14 CC             

Movies on pay TV Working Paper- Developments since our provisional findings & Revised timetable





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