【一次資料集−Headline 2014(後半)】

Digital Agenda for Europe – A Europe 2020 initiative

Audiovisual and media

Europe 2020: a new economic strategy

DCMS – Communications Review

The 2013 OECD Privacy Guidelines




2014-12-26 総務省                   


2014-12-25 CPRC                   


2014-12-24 総務省                   


2014-12-24 総務省                   


2014-12-19 EC                

Mergers: Commission approves IMS Health's acquisition of parts of Cegedim, subject to conditions 

2014-12-18 FCC                 

Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking: Commission Adopts MVPD Definition NPRM

- News Release

2014-12-19 JFTC                   

Consultation on pay TV regulation

Ofcom has today published a consultation as part of its review of the pay TV ‘wholesale must-offer’ remedy.

2014-12-19 JFTC                   


2014-12-19 CPRC                   


2014-12-19 総務省                  


2014-12-18 EC                 

State aid: Commission turns state aid modernisation into action and calls for better cooperation with Member States to boost growth

2014-12-17 GC                 

Judgment in Case T-201/11 Si.mobil telekomunikacijske storitve v Commission

Press release

For the first time the General Court rules on the Commission’s rejection of a complaint on the ground that the competition authority of a Member State is already dealing with the case

The General Court considers that the Commission was entitled to reject Si.mobil’s complaint that Mobitel had forced its competitors out of the Slovenian mobile telephone market

2014-12-17 GC                 

Judgment in Case T-72/09 Pilkington Group Ltd and Others v Commission

Press release

The General Court upholds the Commission’s decision concerning the Pilkington group’s participation in the car glass cartel

It thus confirms the fine of €357 million imposed on Pilkington

2014-12-17 EC                 

State aid: Commission extends information enquiry on tax rulings practice to all Member States   

2014-12-16 CMA                  

European Commission decision matches CMA cement order

2014-12-15 Ofcom                   

Ofcom publishes consultation on public service broadcasting

Ofcom has today published a consultation on its third review of public service broadcasting

2014-12-11 CJ                    

Judgment in Case C-212/13 František Ryneš v Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů

Press release

The Data Protection Directive applies to a video recording made with a surveillance camera installed by a person on his family home and directed towards the public footpath

The directive nevertheless makes it possible to assess that person’s legitimate interest in protecting the property, health and life of his family and himself

2014-12-11 GC                  

Judgment in Case T-251/11 Austria v Commission

Press release

The General Court confirms the Commission’s decision that the partial exemption from the obligation of purchasing green electricity, which Austria plans to grant to energy-intensive businesses, constitutes unlawful State aid

2014-12-11 CPRC                   


2014-12-10 CMA                  

CMA consults on Immediate Media undertakings

2014-12-09 BBC Trust                   

Trust publishes progress report on BBC’s breadth of opinion following independent review

2014-12-05 FTC                  

FTC Approves Final Order in Case About Google Billing for Kids’ In-App Charges Without Parental Consent

2014-12-05 BBC Trust                   

BBC Executive proposal to move BBC Three online

2014-12-04 EC                  

Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Orange's proposed acquisition of Jazztel 

2014-12-04 CMA                  

Speech: David Currie's speech to the Law Society's Competition Section




2014-11-28 EC                  

Competition: Commission welcomes entry into force of Cooperation Agreement with Switzerland 

2014-11-28 総務省                 


2014-11-27 JFTC                 


2014-11-26 FTC                 

FTC Puts Conditions on Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Between GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis

2014-11-26 EC

Article 29 Data Protection Working Party - PRESS RELEASE - Adoption of guidelines on the implementation of the CJEU's judgement on the "right to be forgotten"

2014-11-26 EC

Antitrust: Commission welcomes General Court judgment confirming its inspection powers in the area of electronic searches

cf. Judgment in Case T-402/13 Orange v Commission

Press release

2014-11-25 FTC                 

Sony Computer Entertainment America To Provide Consumer Refunds To Settle FTC Charges Over Misleading Ads For PlayStation Vita Gaming Console

2014-11-25 CG                 

Judgment in Case T-512/11 Ryanair Ltd v European Commission

Press release

The Court partially annuls a Commission Decision declaring that the exemption of transfer and transit passengers from payment of the Irish air travel tax did not constitute State aid

2014-11-25 EC

State aid: Commission approves German renewable energy law (EEG 2014) for railway sector                   

State aid: Commission approves German aid scheme for renewable energy (EEG 2012); orders partial recovery 

2014-11-24 European Parliament

European Parliament resolution on supporting consumer rights in the digital market いわゆるGoogle分割話

2014-11-22 情報通信学会


2014-11-21 総務省



2014-11-20 CJ

Advocate General’s Opinion in Case C-170/13 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd v ZTE Corp., ZTE Deutschland GmbH

Press release

According to Advocate General Wathelet, the proprietor of a standard-essential patent may be required, before seeking an injunction against a company that has infringed that patent, to make that company a specific licensing offer

That applies where the proprietor of the patent is in a dominant position and has made a commitment to the standards body to grant third parties a licence on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and where the infringer is ready, willing and able to enter into such a licensing agreement


2014-11-18 Ofcom                 

Ofcom investigation into Premier League football rights

2014-11-11 JFTC                 


2014-11-10 White House                   

Net Neutrality: President Obama's Plan for a Free and Open Internet

2014-11-10 EC                 

Antitrust: Commission welcomes Council adoption of Directive on antitrust damages actions 

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 10 November 2014 The European Commission welcomes today's formal adoption by the EU Council of Ministers of a Commission proposal for a Directive on antitrust damages actions.

2014-11-10 BBC                 

Driving efficiency at the BBC

”Benchmarked”, ”Market tested”, etc

2014-11-07 CJ                 

Judgments in Cases T-219/10 Autogrill España SA v Commission and T-399/11 Banco Santander SA and Santusa Holding SL v Commission

Press release

The Court annuls the Commission decisions declaring the Spanish tax regime allowing for the deduction of shareholdings in foreign companies to be incompatible with the internal market

The Commission failed to establish the selective nature of that regime

2014-11-05 Ofcom                

Ofcom welcomes decision on pay TV ‘wholesale must offer’

2014-11-04 BBC Trust                

Trust seeks views on proposed Guidelines and Party Election Broadcast allocation criteria for the BBC’s coverage of the General Election 2015

2014-11-01 EC                 

The Juncker Commission (2014-2019)




2014-10-31 EC                

Competition Policy Brief on State aid modernisation

2014-10-31 大阪高裁                 

神鉄タクシー大阪高判 - 競争法メモ

2014-10-31 総務省                


2014-10-31 総務省               




2014-10-29 EC                

Mergers: Commission closes infringement proceedings against Munksjö and Ahlstrom concerning provision of information in the context of a merger investigation

2014-10-28 FCC                 

Tech Transitions, Video, and the Future

Today I am proposing to extend the same concept to the providers of linear, Internet-based services; to encourage new video alternatives by opening up access to content previously locked on cable channels”

2014-10-28 FCC                  

FCC Joins Global Privacy Enforcement Network

2014-10-27 EC                

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of US producer of digital cinema solutions Doremi by rival Dolby 

2014-10-26 EC                 

Safer banks serving the economy: the European Commission welcomes the publication of the results of the EU-wide stress test by the European Banking Authority and the comprehensive assessment by the European Central Bank

2014-10-23 CMA                

Magazines merger could face in-depth investigation

The CMA has found that the completed acquisition by Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited of a number of magazines from Future Publishing Limited...

2014-10-23 EC                

Antitrust litigation – The way ahead

Sppech by Joaquin Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy

MLex seminar: Damages Litigation: A new frontier for Europe

2014-10-21 EC                 

Antitrust: Commission settles RBS-JPMorgan cartel in derivatives based on Swiss franc LIBOR; imposes € 61.6 million fine on JPMorgan

2014-10-21 EC                

Antitrust: Commission seeks feedback on commitments from Skyteam airline alliance members Air France/KLM, Alitalia and Delta concerning transatlantic cooperation

2014-10-16 最高人民法院 Newly added!                

Revelation of the Supreme Court''s Final Judgment of Monopoly Case Qihoo vs. Tencent


2014-10-16 DOJ                

Two Former Rabobank Traders Indicted for Alleged Manipulation of U.S. Dollar, Yen LIBOR Interest Rates

2014-10-15 EC                

State aid: Commission invites Ireland to update compensation arrangements for school bus scheme; closes in-depth investigation into Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus 

State aid: Commission orders Spain to recover additional aid granted through tax benefits for acquisitions of indirect shareholdings in foreign companies 

2014-10-15 EC                

Antitrust: Commission fines Slovak Telekom and its parent, Deutsche Telekom, for abusive conduct in Slovak broadband market 

2014-10-14 EC                

Trends and milestones in competition policy since 2010

Sppech by Joaquin Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy

AmCham EU's 31st annual Competition Policy Conference

2014-10-10 EC                

Completing Convergence

Alexander Italianer, Director-General for Competition, European Commission

European Competition Day

So, at least we have almost full convergence in the existence of leniency programmes, even though they differ nationally, and in some cases are not altogether perfect.”

2014-10-08 EC                

State aid: Commission concludes modified UK measures for Hinkley Point nuclear power plant are compatible with EU rules 

2014-10-03 DOJ                

Press Release

Department of Justice Will Not Challenge Proposed Cyber Intelligence Data-Sharing Platform

2014-10-03 EC                

Antitrust: Commission closes investigation into internet connectivity services but will continue to monitor the sector

2014-10-03 EC               

Merger cases:

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook   

consumer communicationsでは併用可能であること(not close competitor, have a wide choice of alternative apps)、social networking servicesでは進化途上であること、online advertisingでは参入前のWhatsApp広告の検討のうえ、他に選択肢があることを判断。加えて、データ集積の効果、プライバシー問題も検討(前者はonline advertisingで影響なし、後者は競争法枠外を判断)

Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Zimmer's acquisition of Biomet

Mergers: Commission approves merger between banana companies Chiquita and Fyffes, subject to conditions  

2014-10-02 EC               

Competition: Commission publishes results of retail food study  

2014-10-02 CMA                


Philip Marsden speaks about competition enforcement in online markets

Speech given by CMA Inquiry Chair, Philip Marsden, at the 11th Baltic Competition Conference in Vilnius

2014-10-02 Ofcom                

Ed Richards to stand down as Ofcom Chief Executive

The Ofcom Board today announced that Ed Richards will stand down as Chief Executive at the end of December 2014

2014-10-02 JFTC                 


2014-10-01 EC                

State aid cases:

State aid: Commission decides Nürburgring racetrack in Germany received incompatible state aid

State aid: Commission orders recovery of incompatible aid from certain terrestrial digital platform operators in Castilla-La Mancha 

State aid: Commission opens in-depth inquiry into measures to aid Kem One SAS in France

State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into part of public financing of Brussels public IRIS hospitals 

State aid: Commission extends in-depth investigation into Gibraltar corporate tax regime to include tax rulings practice 

State aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed public financing for Volkswagen in Portugal 

2014-10-01 EC                 

State aid: Commission adopts a package of decisions regarding public support to airports and airlines in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Sweden

Further details

2014-10-01 総務省                 






2014-09-30 FCC                

Report And Order: Commission Eliminates Sports Blackout Rules

2014-09-30 総務省                

「平成26年度 青少年のインターネット・リテラシー指標等」の公表

2014-09-25 CMA               

How the CMA investigates competition and consumer issues

The Competition and Markets Authority's guidance about its processes for investigating competition and consumer issues in markets.

2014-09-25 CMA               

Competition and consumer law compliance: guidance for businesses

CMA guidance on steps businesses can take to comply with competition and consumer law.

2014-09-25 総務省(ICTサービス安心・安全研究会)                

ICTサービス安心・安全研究会 報告書案について         

2014-09-25 JFTC               


2014-09-24 FCC               

Commissioner Clyburn Statement at Net Neutrality Congressional Forum

2014-09-23 EC                

Presenting the Annual Competition Report

2014-09-23 BBC Trust               

Current affairs on BBC One

The BBC Trust has today introduced new protections for the amount of current affairs programming on BBC One.”

2014-09-22 EC               

Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into acquisition of controlling stake in De Vijver Media by Liberty Global 

2014-09-19 FTC               

FTC Approves Four SCI Applications to Divest Funeral and Cemetery Assets in Georgia and Tennessee

2014-09-19 JFTC               


2014-09-18 EC/Article 29 Data Protection Working Party

Press release - the "right to be forgotten

follow-up to the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU of 13 May 2014 on the "right to be forgotten"(97th Plenary - 16-17 September 2014)

2014-09-16 EC              

State aid: Commission approves €86.6 million French aid for SuperGrid research programme to develop innovative energy transmission networks

State aid: the Commission initiates two in-depth investigations into the exceptional and temporary support package for the restructuring of FagorBrandt and Mory-Ducros

2014-09-12 EC               

State aid rules for films and other audiovisual works – Competition policy brief

2014-09-12 EC               

Speech: Taking TV and film into the digital age

International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2014

Amsterdam, 12 September 2014

2014-09-12 EC               

EU competition policy and sectoral challenges

41st Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy

Digital industries、そしてGoogleにも言及                                                                                             

2014-09-11 CJ      

Judgment in Case C-117/13 Technische Universität Darmstadt v Eugen Ulmer KG

Press release

Member State may authorise libraries to digitise, without the consent of the rightholders, books they hold in their collection so as to make them available at electronic reading points;

Member States may, within certain limits and under certain conditions, including the payment of fair compensation to rightholders, permit users to print out on paper or store on a USB stick the books digitised by the library

2014-09-11 CJ      

Judgment in Case C-67/13 P Groupement des cartes bancaires (CB) v Commission

Press release

The Court of Justice holds that the General Court could not properly conclude that the pricing measures adopted by the French Groupement des cartes bancaires had as ‘their object’ the restriction of competition

2014-09-11 EC              

Antitrust: Commission welcomes Court judgment confirming that MasterCard's payment card interchange fees are anti-competitive

2014-09-11 EC               

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia by BSkyB

2014-09-10 EC              

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of several of Rockwood's chemical businesses by Huntsman, subject to conditions    

2014-09-09  総務省               

4K8Kロードマップに関するフォローアップ会合 中間報告」の公表

2014-09-05 FTC               

FTC Approves Final Order Preserving Competition in Four Generic Drug Markets

2014-09-05 FTC               

FTC Approves Sales of Airport Car Rental Assets in Portland, Oregon and San Jose, California

2014-09-05 FTC                                                                                                                                                

In Phoebe Putney Hospital Merger Case, FTC Rejects Proposed Consent Agreement; Parties to Return to Litigation

2014-09-05 GC                

Judgment in Case T-471/11 Éditions Odile Jacob SAS v Commission

Press release

The General Court dismisses the action brought by Odile Jacob in connection with the purchase of Vivendi Universal Publishing by Lagardère; The General Court confirms that the Commission was justified in once again approving Wendel as the purchaser of the part of assets of Vivendi Universal Publishing to be sold by Lagardère

2014-09-05 EC                

State aid: Commission orders Bulgaria to recover incompatible State aid granted to certain parties to forest swap transactions 

2014-09-05 総務省                



2014-09-04 FTC                                                                                                                                               

Google to Refund Consumers at Least $19 Million to Settle FTC Complaint It Unlawfully Billed Parents for Children’s Unauthorized In-App Charges

2014-09-04 FCC                

Prepared Remarks of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler The Facts and Future of Broadband Competition”

1776 Headquarters, Washington, D.C., September 4, 2014

2014-09-04 CJ                 

Judgment in Joined Cases C-184/13 to C-187/13, C-194/13, C-195/13 and C-208/13 Anonima Petroli Italiana SpA v Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti and Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Press release

By providing that the price of haulage services may not be lower than minimum operating costs, Italian legislation infringes EU law; The application of such a minimum price is capable of restricting competition in the internal market

2014-09-04 FCC                 

Verizon To Pay $7.4M To Settle Privacy Investigation

2014-09-03 FTC               

FTC Announces Agenda, Panelists for Upcoming Big Data Workshop - Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? (September 15, 2014)

2014-09-03 EC                

Antitrust: Commission fines smart card chips producers € 138 million for cartel 




2014-08-29 総務省               


2014-08-29 獄ア省               


2014-08-29 総務省               

NHK海外情報発信強化に関する検討会 (第1回)

2014-08-29 JFTC               


2014-08-29 JFTC               


2014-08-29 JFTC               


2014-08-28 FTC Newly added!               

FTC Puts Conditions on Proposed Acquisition of Insight Pharmaceuticals by Marketer of Dramamine

2014-08-27 DOJ               

Press Release

Justice Department Requires Divestiture in Tyson Foods Inc. Acquisition of The Hillshire Brands Company

2014-08-25 FCC Newly added!               

Time Warner Cable to Pay $1.1M to Resolve Outage Reporting Violations

2014-08-25 FTC Newly added!               

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. to Pay $896,000 to Resolve FTC Allegations That it Violated Premerger Filing Requirements


2014-08-21 FTC Newly added!               

FTC Approves Final Order Preserving Competition in Markets for Acne Treatments

2014-08-18 FCC Newly added!               

FCC Seeks Comment on Streamlining Telephone Co. Accounting Rules

2014-08-15 CMA               

Radioactive tracer merger cleared

The CMA has cleared Alliance’s acquisition of the assets of the IBA business used to produce a radioactive tracer for cancer diagnosis

2014-08-13 EC                

State aid: Overview of decisions and on-going in-depth investigations in the context of the financial crisis

2014-08-12 EC                

Antitrust: Commission sends Statement of Objections to Bulgarian Energy Holding for suspected abuse of dominance on Bulgarian wholesale electricity market 

2014-08-08 FTC               

FTC Announces Agenda for Upcoming Big Data Workshop

2014-08-07 FTC               

FTC Sues Online ‘Yellow Pages’ Operation for Scamming Small Businesses, Doctors’ Offices, Retirement Homes, and Religious Schools

2014-08-07 JFTC               


2014-08-05 JFTC                


2014-08-01 EC                

State aid: Commission approves Greek financing of ELTA for transitory period (2013-2015) for universal postal service; opens in-depth investigation for 2016-2020 




2014-08-01 EC                

State aid: Commission concludes that Belgian crystal producer Val Saint-Lambert received incompatible State aid; authorises the sale of some of its assets 

2014-07-31 CMA               

CMA and Monitor publish guidance on the competition review of NHS mergers

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Monitor have jointly published a short guide on the competition review of NHS mergers

2014-07-28 DOJ               

Press Release

Lloyd's Banking Group Admits Wrongdoing in Libor Investigation, Agrees to Pay $86 Million Criminal Penalty

2014-07-25 EC – Article 29 Data Protection Working Party Newly added!               

Article 29 Data Protection Working Party - PRESS RELEASE - European DPAs meet with search engines on the “right to be forgotten”

cf. Article 29 Data Protection Working Party - PRESS RELEASE - CJEU’s judgment on the "right to be forgotten": the WP29 will meet with search engines on July 24th

2014-07-23 FCC              

FCC to ISPs: Inaccurate Disclosures Violate Transparency Rule

2014-07-23 EC              

State aid: Commission refers Italy to Court for failure to recover incompatible aid from Italian ground handling operator SEA Handling

2014-07-23 EC              

State aid: Commission adopts package of decisions regarding aid to airports and airlines in France and Germany; asks France to recover incompatible aid granted to airlines

State Aid: further details on Commission decisions regarding public financing of airports and airlines in Germany, France and Austria   

2014-07-23 総務省               


2014-07-22 Ofcom              

Ofcom publishes report on internet safety measures

Ofcom has today published a report for Government outlining measures the UK’s largest internet service providers have put in place to help parents protect children from harmful content online

2014-07-21 BBC Trust             

BBC publishes Annual Report for 2013/14

2014-07-18 Ofcom              

Ofcom publishes research on violence on TV

Ofcom has today published research on consumer attitudes and trends in violence shown on UK TV programmes

2014-07-18 総務省              


2014-07-17 CJ               

Commission / DEI (Judgment of the Court) [2014] EUECJ C-553/12 (17 July 2014)


Greek lignite

2014-07-17 ECN              

Twenty-fourth issue of the ECN Brief

域内いろいろ(仏:Coffee Capsule、萄:Sports TV

2014-07-17 CMA              

Competition and Markets Authority’s first set of accounts published

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) today published its 6 month financial report

2014-07-15 DOJ              

Press Release

Justice Department and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Require Divestiture from Sinclair Broadcast Group in Order to Proceed with its Acquisition of Perpetual Corp.

2014-07-15 総務省              


2014-07-14 EC              

Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of Rautaruukki by rival SSAB, subject to conditions

2014-07-10 FTC               

FTC Alleges Amazon Unlawfully Billed Parents for Millions of Dollars in Children’s Unauthorized In-App Charges

2014-07-10 CJ               

Judgment in Case C-295/12 P Telefónica S.A. and Telefónica de Espaħa S:A:U: v Commission

Press release

cf. Antitrust: Commission welcomes Court judgment in Telefónica margin squeeze case

毎度のmargin squeeze

2014-07-09 EC              

State Aid: Commission opens in-depth investigation into Milan airport ground-handling services 

State aid: Commission concludes that Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) did not receive state aid

State aid: Commission questions tax exemptions for Dutch public companies and takes steps to ensure fair competition between EU ports

2014-07-09 EC               

State aid: Commission adopts revised guidelines for supporting firms in difficulty                                       

2014-07-09 EC              

Mergers: Commission consults on possible improvements of EU merger control rules

2014-07-09 EC               

Antitrust: Commission calls for strengthening position of national competition authorities to ensure effective enforcement of competition rules throughout the EU

Communication from the Commission - Ten Years of Antitrust Enforcement under Regulation 1/2003: Achievements and Future Perspectives (COM(2014) 453, 9.7.2014)

convergenceはかなり進んだが、手続き面等を中心にまだまだ(inspect non-business premises, turnover閾値, leniency(企業/個人のインセンティブ統制), etc

2014-07-07 FCC               

Comcast-Time Warner Cable-Charter and AT&T-Directv Transactions – Review Teams announced

2014-07-03 BBC Trust             

Trust publishes progress update on science impartiality review actions

2014-07-01 EC              

Judgment in Case C-573/12 Ålands Vindkraft AB v Energimyndigheten

Press release

The Swedish support scheme promoting green energy production in the national territory is compatible with EU law


from the the past


2014-06-25 内閣官房              


2014-06-11 EC              

State aid: Commission investigates transfer pricing arrangements on corporate taxation of Apple (Ireland) Starbucks (Netherlands) and Fiat Finance and Trade (Luxembourg) 

Statement by Vice President Almunia on opening of three investigations on transfer pricing arrangements on corporate taxation of Apple (Ireland), Starbucks (Netherlands) and Fiat Finance and Trade (Luxembourg)

2014-05-21 EC - SAM              

State aid: Commission exempts more aid measures from prior notification

State aid: Commission introduces new transparency requirements 

State aid: Commission adopts new General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER)

2014-05-13 CJ             

Judgment in Case C-131/12 Google Spain SL, Google Inc. v Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, Mario Costeja González

Press release / full-text

An internet search engine operator is responsible for the processing that it carries out of personal data which appear on web pages published by third parties

Thus, if, following a search made on the basis of a person’s name, the list of results displays a link to a web page which contains information on the person in question, that data subject may approach the operator directly and, where the operator does not grant his request, bring the matter before the competent authorities in order to obtain, under certain conditions, the removal of that link from the list of results

2014-04-22 総務省  


cf. 情報通信政策研究所

2014-03-26 EC/EDPS  

Privacy and competitiveness in the age of big data

”The interplay between data protection, competition law and consumer protection in the Digital Economy”

2014-02-25 総務省     



2014-01-01 BBC

Defamation Act 2013 aims to improve libel laws

Defamation Act 2013 c.26

2013-12-12 CJ AG           

Advocate General’s Opinion in Joined Cases C-293/12 Digital Rights Ireland and C-594/12 Seitlinger and Others

Press release

According to the Advocate General, Mr Cruz Villalón, the Data Retention Directive is incompatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights; He proposes, however, that the effects of the finding of invalidity should be suspended in order to enable the EU legislature to adopt, within a reasonable period, the measures necessary to remedy the invalidity found to exist

2013-12-09 JFTC           



2013-11-22 EC    

European competition policy and Japan

Alexander Italianer, Director-General for Competition, European Commission

KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) Tokyo, 22 November 2013

FTA中のstate aid ruleにも言及あり。

2013-10-30 DCMS       

Leveson Report: Cross Party Royal Charter

FAQs – from BBC

2013-10-11 DCMS   

Leveson Report: Final draft Royal Charter for proposed body to recognise press industry self-regulator

This final draft of the Royal Charter has followed further discussions by all 3 main political parties.

2013-08-12 DOJ 

U.S. v. Apple, et al.

Final Judgment

U.S. v. Apple, et al.


2013-08-09 総務省


2013-07-30 DCMS      

Media ownership and plurality - Consultation

Media plurality is about the information that people consume on a daily basis, which informs their views and perspective on the world. ‘Media plurality’ means having a diversity of viewpoints available and consumed across the media. In line with Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations, we want to develop a clear measurement framework in partnership with industry, and carry out the first ever market assessment of plurality in the UK today. This assessment will create a benchmark for the degree of media plurality in the UK today, helping to decide the level that is sufficient, and how to address concerns about media plurality.

At this stage, we want to hear your views on the scope of the measurement framework:

the types of media it should include

the genres it should cover

the types of organisation and services to which it should apply

the inclusion of the BBC

the audiences with which it should be concerned

2013-07-13 BBC Trust    

'Impressive' breadth of views on the BBC but more work needed to keep pace with public opinion, Trust review finds

2013-07-11 EC    

State aid: Commission adapts crisis rules for banks

2013-06-06 CJ 

Case C-536/11 Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde v Donau Chemie AG, Donauchem GmbH, DC Druck-Chemie Süd GmbH & Co KG, Brenntag Austria Holding GmbH, Brenntag CEE GmbH, ASK Chemicals GmbH, formerly Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH,  ASK Chemicals Austria GmbH, formerly Ashland Südchemie Hantos GmbH


”CJ disagreed with the Opinion of Advocate General Jääskinen on the need for an (almost) absolute protection of leniency applications from disclosure to third parties interested in claiming damages” [How to Crack a Nut]

2013-05 総務省    



2013-04-25 EC      

Commission seeks feedback on commitments offered by Google to address competition concerns


2013-04-23 DCMS       

Leveson: new proposals to ensure small blogs are exempt from exemplary damages and costs incentives for membership of a press regulator

2013-03-18 DCMS   

Policy paper

Leveson report: draft Royal Charter for proposed body to recognise press industry self-regulator

2013-02-21 European Parliament  

Media freedom: MEPs call for annual EU monitoring of member states’ media laws

3 step approach関連

2013-02-19 US Supreme Court        



No. 11–1160.

state action doctrineが認められるか否か(Parker v Brownからは始まって、Ticor…)

2013-02-19 EC        

State aid: Commission publishes updated Guide on services of general economic interest (SGEI)

"Monti-Kroes-Package"、“Almunia package”の「次」

2013-02-14 UK Court of Appeal (Civil Division)

Tamiz v Google Inc [2013] EWCA Civ 68


名誉毀損事案におけるプラットフォーマーの”publisher”性。(The High Court had previously ruled that Google was not a publisher of the material. However, the Court of Appeal said that the High Court was wrong to dismiss the possibility that Google had assumed the role of publisher at some point after it had received notice of the allegedly defamatory comments.

2013-02-12 DCMS       

Lord Justice Leveson Report – regulatory system for the press

A draft that illustrates how a Royal Charter alternative might work

2012-02-06 CMPF/EC      

Policy Report: European Union Competencies in Respect of Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

2013-01-21 EC  

High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism



European and national competition authorities should take into account the specific value of media pluralism in the enforcement of competition rules. They should also take into account the increasing merging of different channels of communication and media access in the definition of the relevant markets. In addition, the High Level Group calls upon the European and national competition authorities to monitor with particular attention, under competition policy, new developments in the online access to information. The dominant position held by some network access providers or internet information providers should not be allowed to restrict media freedom and pluralism. An open and non-discriminatory access to information by all citizens must be protected in the online sphere, if necessary by making use of competition law and/or enforcing a principle of network and net neutrality.


Concentration of ownership needs to be considered not only with respect to specific media sources (such as press), but across different media and in relation to distribution channels, whether for traditional media (for example, newspaper kiosks) or for new media (for example, broadband connectivity).

Digital intermediaries, such as search engines, news aggregators, social networks and app stores should be included in the monitoring of the sector. The increasingly important role they play in either improving or restricting media pluralism should be considered, especially as they start producing content. However, care must be taken to distinguish between media that publish original work directly, and services that allow users to republish or link to other peoples’ work.

2013-01-03 FTC 

Google Agrees to Change Its Business Practices to Resolve FTC Competition Concerns In the Markets for Devices Like Smart Phones, Games and Tablets, and in Online Search

Landmark Agreements Will Give Competitors Access to Standard-Essential Patents; Advertisers Will Get More Flexibility to Use Rival Search Engines

2012-06-19 Ofcom        

Ofcom publishes report on measuring media plurality

2012-05-23 EC                                    

ECN resolution on protection of leniency material in the context of civil damages actions

Pfleiderer事件を受け、leniency materialsの保護を再確認

2012-04-18 Ofcom                         

Ofcom evidence to the Leveson Inquiry

Evidence Ofcom submitted to the Leveson Inquiry on the future of press regulation, as requested by Lord Justice Leveson

2012-04-04 CoE                    

Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)3 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the protection of human rights with regard to search engines

Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the protection of human rights with regard to social networking services

検索エンジン及びSNSと欧州人権条約(前者は、Recommendation CM/Rec(2011)7 “a new notion of media”も参照)

2012-03-14 CC             

Movies on pay TV Working Paper- Developments since our provisional findings & Revised timetable





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