【一次資料集−Headline 2002 (前半)】


*2002-06-30 EC

Commission clears joint control of Stream by Telecom Italia and News Television

*2002-06-28 FTC

Administrative Law Judge Bars Distributors of Three Tenors Media from Agreeing to "Fix, Raise, or Stabilize" Prices


*2002-06-28 ITC

ITC report on newly proposed BBC THREE

[Report itself] pdf / [including related documents] / BBC press release

*2002-06-27 EC

Commission closes investigation into UEFA rule on multiple ownership of football clubs

*2002-06-27 EC

Commission pursues infringement proceedings against six countries over separation of accounts Directive – State Aid

*2002-06-26 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Case No.00-16423 Newdow v. Congress et al - “Under God” phrase

Separation of religion and politics

*2002-06-04 BBC

Speech given by BBC Director-General Greg Dyke on 24 June 2002 to the Institute of Economic Affairs Conference on The Future of Broadcasting

at Le Meridien, Piccadilly, London. He was speaking on "Advancing the National Broadcaster"

*2002-06-24 BSkyB

Speech by Tony Ball, Chief Executive, BSkyB to the IEA’s Future of Broadcasting Conference pdf 

*2002-06-24 OFT

Competition policy and broadcasting – A speech at the IEA conference on The Future of Broadcasting By John Vickers pdf

*2002-06-21 USITC

Gemstar Loses on Patents for TV Guides – the administrative law judge filed Final Initial Determinationpdf

EPG case in US

*2002-06-19  DCMS

Speech to the Social Market Foundation Conference on Public Service Broadcasting and the Communications Bill pdf 

*2002-06-19  EC

Deutsche Post must replay Euro 572 million used to subsidise price undercutting in commercial parcel services

*2002-06-18  EC

Commission launches public consultation on product and service markets in electronic communications sector 

cf. refer to 2002-03-07 press release

*2002-06-13  FCC

Extends Program Access Exclusivity Rules pdf 

the extension of a ban that prohibits cable providers from signing exclusive deals with TV programmers, originally enacted in 1992 to boost the competition between cable and satellite was admitted

*2002-06-13  ITC

DTT licences: Applicants Named – Consultation Period Begins

*2002-06-13  EC

Report to the Seville European Council on the status of work on the guidelines for state aid and services of general economic interest pdf 

*2002-06-11  JFTC

日・EC独占禁止協力協定の仮署名について pdf 

*2002-06-10  DOJ

20th Anniversary of the 1982 Merger Guidelines

*2002-06-06  CFI

Airtours v. Commission - Case T-342/99

Collective dominance and tacit collusion

*2002-06-06  FCC

FCC announces formation of the Spectrum Policy Task Force and seeks public comment on issues related to spectrum policies 

*2002-06-04  EC

Review of the EC Merger Regulation – Roadmap for the reform project - speech by Mario Monti

cf. Merger Review web page

*2002-06-04  EC

The new EU regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications: From sector regulation to Competition Law

speech by Christian HOCEPIED pdf 

*2002-06-03  EC

Commission welcomes UEFA's new policy for selling the media rights to the Champions League

*2002-05-24  FCC

Statement of FCC Chairman Michael Powell on the Decision by the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

Regarding the Commission's Unbundling Rules

cf. Hausman & Sidak’s thesis A Consumer-Welfare Approach to the Mandatory Unbundling of Telecommunications Networks

cf. 1999-01-25 AT&T CORP. et al. v. IOWA UTILITIES BOARD et al. 199 S. Ct. 721 (1999) [US Supreme Court]

cf. 2002-05-24 US TELECOM ASSN v FCC [US D.C. District Court of Appeals]

*2002-05-24  EC

Statement on meeting between Minister Eichel and Monti – State Aid


FTC-DoJ Merger-Review Plan Abandoned [from Washington Watch, Center for Digital Democracy]

2002-05-02 Statement by Charles A. James Regarding DOJ/FTC Clearance Agreement [DOJ]

2002-03-05 DOJ and FTC announce new clearance procedures for Antitrust matters

- Memorandum of Agreement Allocates Industry Sectors Between Agencies [DOJ]

*2002-05-22  EC

Commission approves acquisition of joint control of VG Media by RTL and ProSiebenSat.1

cf. public text of decision (de) pdf

*2002-05-22  EC

Commission approves state funding to BBC digital television and radio channels

Official Text pdf

’State Aid’ is judged under the ‘Ferring’ rule

*2002-05-13  US Supreme Court

Verizon Communications Inc. et al. v. Federal Communications Commission et al. No.00-511, 219 F.3d 744

verified the “forward-looking” cost

*2002-05-13  AGCM

GROUPE CANAL+/STREAM: Green Light with Conditions (Conclusion of investigation)

*2002-05-13  Ofgem

Ofgem Consults on NGC and Transco Merger

*2002-05-08  Oftel

The pricing of conditional access services and related issues – statement

Conditional access pricing arrangements for digital TV, BSkyB

cf. The pricing of conditional access services and related issues, 30th October 2001 – Responses


The draft Communications Bill published [DTI-DCMS]

- Joint Committee on the draft Communications Bill [UK Parliament]

*2002-05-03  CFI

Jégo-Quéré v Commission, Case T-177/01

redefine the rules governing individual access to the community courts

*2002-04-30  EC

GEMO – Case C-126/01 – State Aid  Now wait for the decision - definition of ‘State Aid’

related to ‘Ferring’ case

*2002-04-24  DOJ

Coordinated Effects in Merger Review: From Dead Frenchmen to Beautiful Minds and Mavericks – speech by William J. Kolasky

Good explanation on ‘Mavericks’

*2002-04-23  EC

Access to Content and Platform Competition – speech by Dr. Herbert Ungerer pdf 

EU competition law, convergence, and the media industry – speech by DG Competition Miguel Mendes Pereira pdf 


Bill Gates' testimony filed [US District of Columbia Court]

pdf pdf. version (from Seattletimes) / .html version


Power in your hand – A survey of television [The Economist April 13th 2002]

*2002-03-26  DTI

Hewitt introduces bill to boost enterprise and prosperity for all – Enterprise Bill

*2002-03-21  EC

"The review of the TVWF Directive", Speech of Viviane Reding at the European Voice conference on Television without Frontiers pdf

*2002-03-19  EC

Altmark Trans - Case C-280/00 Opinion of Advocate General - State Aid Now wait for the decision - definition of ‘State Aid’

related to ‘Ferring’ case

*2002-03-18  DOJ

Comparative Merger Control Analysis: Six Guiding Principles for Antitrust Agencies – New and Old

Address by William J. Kolasky, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice

Presented at the International Bar Association Conference on Competition Law and Policy in a Global Context, Cape Town, South Africa

*2002-03-14  FCC

FCC Classifies Cable Modem Service as “Information Service”

*2002-03-12  EC

European Commission proposes legal means to react against unfair competition from subsidised third country airlines – State Aid

*2002-03-07  EC

New Regulatory Framework for electronic communications infrastructure and associated services

adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers [will apply from 25 July 2003]

published in OJ L 108, of 24.04.2002 - consisting of four Directives and one Decision


Radio Spectrum Management Review [an independent review for DTI and HM Treasury]

reported by the team led by Prof. Marin Cave

*2002-02-26  BkartA

Bundeskartellamt prohibits planned Liberty Media/KDG merger

cf. 2002-01-31 Bundeskartellamt issues warning regarding the Liberty Media/KDG merger project

*2002-02-14  BkartA         

Bundeskartellamt issues warning regarding the planned Liberty Media/TeleColumbus GmbH merger

*2002-01-30  EC

Airlines - European Commission authorises French compensation scheme following the attacks of 11 September 2001 – State Aid

*2002-01-22  ECJ

Canal - Case C-390/99 Canal Satélite Digital SL v Adminstración General del Estado, and Distribuidora de Televisión Digital SA (DTS) [2002] ECR I-607

The Court held that the national legislation requiring operators of certain television services to register details of their equipment could not satisfy the necessity requirement of proportionality test if the registration requirement duplicated controls which had already been carried out, either in the same state or in aother Member State.



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